Boost your productivity and increase your competitiveness with cobots

Robots are applicable to almost all industries and company sizes. With a collaborative robot you have access to all the benefits of advanced robot automation but without the high costs that typically come with traditional robots. An industrial robot typically requires more extensive programming, time-consuming setup, and screened workspaces.

Cobots can optimize your productivity and shorten you delivery times in production, for example by ensuring higher precision and uniform production. Collaborative robots are a reliable and secure workforce, easy to install and have a fast payback time. Thereby, your company can produce faster, safer, and more efficiently, and at a price that can compete with products produced in countries with cheaper labour.

Cobots can be used for many different tasks, from assembly to painting, from screwing to marking, from packing to polishing, from casting to welding, or any other task you can think of. Moreover, collaborative robots are designed to share a work area with humans, without the need for any kind of safety precautions, after an initial risk assessment.

Benefits of cobots

With a collaborative robot you get:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Streamlining production, where speed, uniformity and precision are improved
  • Higher flexibility in production
  • Optimized processes that ensure product quality in the best possible way
  • Reduced waste and a more environmentally friendly production
  • Improved work environment, by moving the workforce away from ergonomically inconvenient and monotonous tasks
  • Extra workforce that offers fast payback time and maximum versatility with a wealth of potential job features

PPS is Universal Robots Certified Integrator

PPS Automation is CSI partner and dealer of Universal Robots. We offer the solution you prefer – from a standard package with a robot and a gripper, which we deliver together with 3 hours of starting aid, to a finished turneky installation with documentation and CE marking. With all robot arms from Universal Robots, you get easy programming, wuick setup and quick conversions.

In addition to cobots, we offer a wide range of automation solutions, all of which can help optimize your equipment or work processes. We offer both tailored solutions and standard equipment, whether it is cobots, industrial robots or other types of automation solutions.

Contact us for a non-committal discussion about how we can boost your productivity and increase your competitiveness.