Welcome to PPS Automation

Do you want to be ready for the industrial revolution? Then let us help you with first class solutions within automation and implementation of robots.

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At PPS Automation we offer you great expertise and many years of experience with tailored solutions within automation, including process optimization, implementing of robots, and otherwise automation of production and packaging lines.

We can also help you with the development of prototypes and Proof of Concept studies.

Your advantages at PPS Automation

    • Many years of experience and expertise
    • Own service department
    • Collaboration with recognized and specialized brands
    • Develops prototypes and Proof of Concetps, so we can find your solution faster.
    • We offer standard and customized solutions for your specific needs.

PPS Automation gets you ready for Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 – are running full steam ahead. It is the integration between the digital and the physical production, where technologies as IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligens are gaining ground.

Although automation and articifial intelligence are not new phenomena, many companies still do not take full advantage of the technologies.

At PPS Automation we can help you get started with automation, regardless of the company’s industry and size.


We work toegther with a number of recognized and specialized partners, who each excels within their field. Read more about our partners here.


We have implemented solutions within automation and process optimization for a large number of customers, including Novo Nordisk, FujiFilm and Biogen.



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