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Welcome to Industry 4.0 – also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Custom-built automation solution

At the R-22 fair in Odense 23th-25th of March we presented one of our latest automation solutions, specially built for Resino Farver.

The solution includes depalletizing of buckets using a UR10e robot, after which full-color labels are printed and applied directly to the buckets. This solutions is unique because we inline print the full label layout in colors based on information received from the customer’s ERP system. Then the label is applied to a conical bucket and the bucket is placed on a feed conveyor belt on the customer’s filling line.

With this solution we elminate the need for a feeding system on the filling line, as we take advantage of the fact that the robot still has to grip each bucket when labeling. With the UR10e’s force feedback function, we locate the edge of the bucket and with a specially developed 3D printed gripper, we locate and fixate the handle on each bucket. This allows the bucket to be lifted without the handle gripping the buckets further down in the stack.

PPS Automation robotic solution from Universal Robots

Robotic solutions

The use of robots has evolved from focusing on industrial robots and CNC-machines, as well as the integraton of IT systems for production management and data exchange, to bringing increased digitalizationto the entire value chain, the introduction of artificial intelligens and the use of robots.

Overall, robots can be divided into industrial robots and collaborative robots – cobots. Within these two overall categories, there are however many different solutions. But commen to them both is, that investing in robots generally creates growth and increases the need for skilled labor – in other words, the robots do not steal jobs, which is often feared, but instead they create more.

In Denmark and several other western countries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain labor for the more manual and monotonous work tasks. In addition, the Covid19 pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable it can be to be dependent on suppliers in other parts of the world. Both can be met with the implementation of robots in the company.


We like to work according to the “Fail fast” philosophy, which means that we quickly and efficiently build a protoype where new technology can be tested, before a decision on implementation on a larger scale is made.

If the model does not meet the set success criteria, we will keep on developing the solution based on the learnings we have from the protoype. In this way, we avoid a long process of analysis, design and testing, and can instead test a number of different solutions quickly and efficiently.

We are not afraid to make mistakes, as the mistakes are valuable learnings, which helps us to find any challenges faster and adapt the solution.


PPS Rapid Prototyping and Proof of Concept
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Proof of Concept

In the same way, we have extensive experience in developing Proof of Concept studies, which typically invovles us designing a solution and testing it on a smaller scale, before deciding whether it should be rolled out on a large scale.

Your investment will be limited and your business case will be tested to see if it is sustainable and supports your business goals. That way, you will quickly get an answer on whether the solution is the right one, before you possibly present it to the management or implement it in your company.

We offer solutions from

Universal Robots

Universal Robots started in 2005 i Copenhagen with the vision tof making robot technology accessible to small and medium-sized companies. Their easy-to-use and advanced robotic arms are used today by campanies and organizations of all sizes and make it possible to help and meet the changeble market. We are Universal Robots certified system integrator, CSI, in Denmark and we can hereby document out competencies within the UR-technologies.

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Universal Robots CSI-partner


KUKA is a global automation business and they have more than 120 years of experience within their field. They have specialized in intelligent automation solutions and offer everything from simple robots and solutions, to fully automatic systems.

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Denso Robotics

Denso Robotics is a global company with more than 60 years of experience. Denso offers a wide range of 4-axis SCARA and 5- and 6-axis industrial robots with payloads up to 20kg. All robots operate with the highest precision and high speed. Standard models, dust- and moisture resistant models. as well as robots for cleanrooms are options that can be used for many different applications.

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OnRobot delivers a full assortment of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tools (EoAT) for collaborative applications. With their innovative gripper, sensors and tool switches, it is possible to take full advantage with collaborative and light weight industrial robots

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We work toegther with a number of recognized and specialized partners, who each excels within their field. Read more about our partners here.


We have implemented solutions within automation and process optimization for a large number of customers, including Novo Nordisk, FujiFilm and Biogen.



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