How Resino automated the process of labeling and filling of paint buckets

Resino Farver A/S is a Danish company that develops, produces and sells printing inks for printing on diccifult substrates, as well as solutions for complex printing tasks. Resino is a global leader withing printing ink for sausage casings and non-woven hygiene materials, such as diapers. They also have a strong position with printing inks for food packaging, shrink bags, pharma and medico.

In the beginning of 2022, Resino contacted PPS Automation, with the need to get an automated solution. Resino had to invest in a new, large filling line, and for that they wanted to automate the manual proces of taking a bucket from stacks on a pallet, digitally printing and applying a label. and placing the bucket on the filling line.

3-in-1 solution

There is no standard equipment that could meet the challenge, and a custom-built solution was therefore necessary. Resino was worried about whether the task could be solved, but after a thorough initial dialogue about needs and wishes, as well as guidance from PPS, a possible model was outlined. Based on this and through an ongoing dialoque, PPS built a robot-based solution. This includes de-palletizing bins using a UR10e collaborative robot, after which full-color labels are printed and applied directly to the bins.

Automation solution from PPS with a UR10e robot for Resino Inks

The solution is unique because the full-color labeling layout is printed inline in color, based on the information received from Resino’s ERP-system. The label is then applied to a conical bucket and the bucket is placed on an infeed conveyor on the filling line. With this solution, the need for a feeding system on the filling line is eliminated, as we take advantage of the fact that the robot already has to grasp each bucket when labelling.

With the UR10e’s force feedback function, the edge of the bucket is located, and with a specially developed 3D-printed gripper, the handle is located and fixed on each bucket. This allows the bucket to be lifted without the handle gripping the buckets in stack below.

“PPS are nerdy in a good way. They are solution-oriented and engage in the task; even if it was not an off-the-shelf product, but a task that required a custom-built solution. We have been very happy with the collaboration, and we hope there will be more of it in the future.”

Chris Hvid Hansen

Resino Trykfarver

Watch a short video of the automation solution for Resino Inks.

A solution that contributes to increased sustainability

As in most other industries, there are increasing demands for both product safety, sustainability and social responsibility. Resino constantly strives to improve the company’s environmental impact by, for example, focusing on green energy, improving systems and work processes, and recycling of packaging. This falls very well in line with the solution PPS Automation has delivered for their production.

”In terms of the work environment, the solution has given it a big boost, as the employee avoids a poor working posture and repetitive, manual action. In addition, we now got a work station that does not need to be manned, which frees up an amployee for other tasks.”

Chris Hvid Hansen

Resino Trykfarver

The automation solution contributes greatly to both the reduction of waste and a better working environment. As the bucket is only filled with ink when an order is ready, there is no need to have a lot of full buckets in stock, which would be in risk of expiring. In addition, the labels are also only printed when the order for the specific color is ready, and thus there are no wasted labels.

The solution has also contributed to increased well-being among employees, as the previously manual process has been automated. Previously, the task was handled by an employee, but it was a tiring task with poor working posture and repetitive movements.
In addition, increased flexibility is experienced in the workforce, as the automation solution has freed up an employee who can handle other, more value-creating tasks.