Process optimization


Process optimization is about making things smarter. Often, optimizing just a few parts of the production or packaging process can have a big positive effect.

Process optimization

PPS Automation can be helpful reviewing your processes and indentifying areas where optimization can take place. It makes it possible to eliminate any bottlenecks and create an overview of where the processes can be trimmed. Since PPS Automation is a part of Professional Packaging Systems, we have extensive knowledge of production and packaging processes.

We have a wide range of standard solutions that can alleviate bottlenecks – just as we can combine one or more standard solutions with a custom made robot solution to achieve the highest possible flexibility.

By reviewing and optimizing the processes, reduced waste, increased productivity and improved competitiveness can be achieved. It can also be a good exercise to do before or at the same time as you are considering implementing robots or otherwise automating your production or packaging line. This identifies areas that ar potentially inefficient, which can not necessarily be solved with automation, but instead e.g. requires a smarter use of workforce.

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We work toegther with a number of recognized and specialized partners, who each excels within their field. Read more about our partners here.


We have implemented solutions within automation and process optimization for a large number of customers, including Novo Nordisk, FujiFilm and Biogen.



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