Prototyping/Proof of concept


Sometimes the right solution requires the development of a prototype of a Proof of Concept study. In PPS Automation we have great expertise and many years of experience with Proof of Concept studies and the construction of prototypes.


We like to work according to the “Fail fast” philosophy, which means that we quickly and efficiently build a protoype where new technology can be tested, before a decision on implementation on a larger scale is made.

If the model does not meet the set success criteria, we will keep on developing the solution based on the learnings we have from the protoype. In this way, we avoid a long process of analysis, design and testing, and can instead test a number of different solutions quickly and efficiently.

We are not afraid to make mistakes, as the mistakes are valuable learnings, which helps us to find any challenges faster and adapt the solution.

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Proof of Concept

In the same way, we have extensive experience in developing Proof of Concept studies, which typically invovles us designing a solution and testing it on a smaller scale, before deciding whether it should be rolled out on a large scale.

Your investment will be limited and your business case will be tested to see if it is sustainable and supports your business goals. That way, you will quickly get an answer on whether the solution is the right one, before you possibly present it to the management or implement it in your company.

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We work toegther with a number of recognized and specialized partners, who each excels within their field. Read more about our partners here.


We have implemented solutions within automation and process optimization for a large number of customers, including Novo Nordisk, FujiFilm and Biogen.



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