🌍 Exciting news! 🌱 We’ve been rated by Ecovadis for our sustainability efforts!


We are thrilled to announce that PPS has recently undergone a sustainability assessment conducted by Ecovadis, a renowned independent organization focused on evaluating corporate sustainability performance. We are excited to share the positive results of this evaluation, which demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and our continuous efforts to make a positive impact on the environment and society.

Ecovadis is a leading provider of sustainability intelligence, ratings and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains. Their comprehensive assessment framework evaluates companies across various environmental, social, and ethical criteria. By undergoing this evaluation, we have gained valuable insights into our sustainability practices, identifying areas where we excel and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

At PPS, we firmly believe that businesses have a vital role to play in addressing global challenges, such as climate change, resource depletion, and social inequality. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are actively working towards minimizing our environmental footprint, promoting fair labor practices, and fostering sustainable supply chain management.

Our collaboration with Ecovadis is an integral part of our sustainability journey. By partnering with an esteemed organization like Ecovadis, we are able to benchmark our performance against industry peers, receive expert guidance, and leverage best practices to enhance our sustainability initiatives. The assessment process has not only highlighted our strengths but also encouraged us to set ambitious goals for further improvement.

We are proud to share that our sustainability performance has been recognized and rewarded by Ecovadis. This achievement reflects our continuous strive to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business operations. We are committed to transparency and accountability, and we look forward to sharing our progress and achievements with you as we continue this sustainable journey.

Stay tuned for updates on our sustainability initiatives as we embark on exciting new projects, collaborations, and innovations aimed at creating a greener, more inclusive, and sustainable future.

PPS ecovadis CSR rating