Campaign offer on UR and OnRobot

We are celebrating our CSI certification!

Here at PPS, we would like to celebrate that we have become Universal Robots certified integrator, CSI, and we want to celebrate with an exclusive offer!

If you order your new collaborative UR ​​robot from us, as well as a gripper from OnRobot, you will receive our start-up package for free.

The start-up package includes:

    • Personal delivery (on Sjælland and Southern Sweden)
    • Unpacking and setup
    • Mounting of gripper
    • Start-up introduction and training
    • We will ensure you are comfortable with your new cobot, before we leave

See our great selection

We offer four different collaborative robots from Universal Robots, as well as a large selection of grippers for different applications from OnRobot. See the complete selcetion further down on the page.

Our selection from Universal Robots includes:

    • UR3e: An ultra-light, compact tabletop robot with a payload of 3kg and a range at 500 mm. It is ideal for applications where size, safety and cost are critical.
    • UR5e: A flexible lightweight robot arm with a payload of 5 kg and a range at 850 mm, suitable for optimizing low-weight processes.
    • UR10e: An extremely versatile collaborative industrial robot arm with a payload of 12,5 kg and a range at 1300 mm. It is ideal for a wide range of applications in machine fitting, palletizing and packaging.
    • UR16e: The biggest robot arm from UR with an impressive payload of 16 kg and a range at 900 mm. This powerful robot arm can handle heavier tools and is ideal for handling heavy machine tending, material handling, packaging as well as screw and nut driving applications.

Read more about collaborative robots here.

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots

Grippers from OnRobot

Take advantage of the campaign offer and fill out the form or call us.