Dual Quick Changer

Dual Quick Changer – Double grip function, more power resulting in twice the amount of work

  • The double gripper shortens the cycle time and can increase productivity with 50 % or more.
  • Increased productivity provides faster payback with return on investment in just 3 months.
  • Increased uptime in CNC machining.

Dual Quick Changer enables you to use end-of-arm tools together in a single cycle. With this innovative solutions you can use two RG2-grippers or a RG&-gripper with a VG10 - it is entirely up to you. Fast and hassle-free switching between our tools provides maximum utilization of our robots thanks to the Dual Quick Changer. Dual Quick Changer gives the same flexibility and fast tool changes as the regular Quick Changer - but now you can equip your robot with 2 end-of-arm tools (EoAT) at the same time. By equipping your robot arm with two end effectors, you make it possible to use two tools in a single cycle and improve productivity by 50 % or more. Dual Quick Changer comes with low installation height and weight and is designed to fit all major robot brands. Therefore, you can use your tools alternately between your existing robots to achieve maximum efficiency.